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As the preferred CR modality in secondary prevention applications. Our findings
Because the preferred CR modality in secondary prevention programs. Our findings also indicate a will need for further clinical investigation to optimize ICR applications for decreasing long-term cardiometabolic risks, providing tools for sustained life style modifications and, ultimately, enhancing the clinical outcome of CVD patients.Nutrients 2021, 13,16 ofAuthor Contributions: Conceptualization, I.S. and P.R.T.; methodology, I.S. and P.R.T.; computer software, validation, I.S.; formal evaluation, I.S.; investigation, I.S., L.D.F., V.M., and P.R.T.; sources, I.S., I.S.; writing–original draft preparation, I.S.; writing–review and S.D.S., and P.R.T.; information curation, I.S.; editing, I.S., S.D.S., L.D.F., V.M., and P.R.T.; visualization, I.S.; supervision, I.S. and P.R.T.; project and P.R.T. All authors have study and agreed to the published version on the administration, I.S. manuscript. Funding: This analysis received no external GYKI 52466 Technical Information Funding. Institutional Critique Board Statement: The study was conducted as outlined by the recommendations with the Declaration of Helsinki, and approved by the Institutional Assessment Board of University of California San Diego Human Investigation Compound 48/80 Cancer Protections System (IRB 190538/3/27/2019). Informed Consent Statement: Patient consent was waived on account of the retrospective nature from the study. Data Availability Statement: The data presented in this study are obtainable on request from the corresponding author. The data are not publicly readily available as a consequence of privacy restrictions. Acknowledgments: We want to thank the clinical staff in the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness Center University of California San Diego for their contributions towards the study, and Golshan Shah for supporting statistical analysis. Conflicts of Interest: P.R.T. has served as a consultant for Novo-Nordisk, Sanofi, BoehringerIngelheim, Amgen, Esperion therapeutics and Medtronic, and is often a shareholder in Epirium Bio. The other authors declare no conflict of interest.
applied sciencesEditorialSpecial Issue “Novel Approaches and Applications in Ergonomic Design”Heecheon YouDepartment of Industrial and Management Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technologies, Pohang-si 37673, Korea; [email protected] Introduction Interactions among humans and systems have to be developed appropriately for security, usability, productivity, health, and/or wellness. Emerging technologies like affective artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Net of Factors, large data analytics, autonomous vehicle technologies, robotics, and wireless technology inside the fourth industrial revolution era have challenged ergonomists and human things experts to explore novel style methodologies and solutions of human ystem interactions for the synergistic fusion from the physical, digital, and biological worlds. The objective of this Particular Issue is always to share novel approaches and applications created by researchers in a variety of fields to ensure that their efforts can be a lot more correctly spread and transmitted for the improvement of ergonomic styles for a greater harmony involving humans, systems, and environments. Inside the Specific Problem, a total of 12 papers have been published out of 22 manuscripts submitted. The following sections present a short summary of every of your papers published. two. Fusing Hand Postures and Speech Recognition for Tasks Performed by an Integrated Leg rm Hexapod RobotCitation: You, H. Special Challenge “Novel Approaches and Applications in Ergonomic Design”. Appl. Sci. 2021, 11, 9754. ten.3390/app11209.

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