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An Islands, are all conspecific and almost completely fit this new
An Islands, are all conspecific and just about fully fit this new species description, even though the bigger specimen has a marked notch on the shield’s fan. Distribution. Arabian Sea, in muddy bottoms in shallow water (30 m). Other variations had been indicated inside the essential above. Caulleryaspis incorporates, apart from the form species, C. gudmundssoni sp. n. from Iceland, C. laevis (Caullery, 944) comb. n. from Indonesia. These species is often separated as a result of variations in the shield shape (see essential under). Etymology. The genus name is to honor Dr Maurice Caullery, in recognition of his research on polychaete reproductive biology and taxonomy, and in particular as a result of his monograph on the Siboga Expedition, which took him 40 yr, and contained quite a few new species. Caulleryaspis is actually a free of charge combination of his final name and the second part of Sternaspis (Gr. shield) to strain the affinity with the stem genus. Gender: feminine. Colour tan, speckeld with little sediment particles. Abundant, minute cuticular papillae, incorporating fine sediment particles, except inside the regions exactly where introvert hooks emerge. Segments seven and PubMed ID: eight with additional cuticular papillae near genital papillae. Cuticular papillae not present, even dorsally near ventrocaudal shield, but a number of might be present on far more posterior segments. Body 7.five mm extended, 3.five mm wide, about 28 segments. Prostomium hemispherical, conspicuously extended, white, opaque. Peristomium compact, oval, bearing some papillae closer to mouth. Mouth oval, smaller, completely covered by papillae, extends from prostomium to anterior border of second segment.Figure 6. Caulleryaspis gudmundssoni sp. n holotype (IMNH 0280) A Ventral view (arrow points peg chaetae) B Identical, ventrocaudal shield (arrow points peg chaetae) C Exact same, posterior region, lateral view (arrow points peg chaetae). Bars: A .four mm, B 0.8 mm C 0.9 mm (Photographs: Gudmundur Vidir Helgason).Revision of Sternaspis Otto, 82 (Polychaeta, Sternaspidae)First three chaetigers with 05 falcate, flat introvert hooks per bundle, closely related, every with subdistal dark places. Genital papillae protrude ventrally from intersegmental furrow between segments 7 and eight. Preshield regions with 7 segments, smooth, some bearing little groups of fine, brief capillary chaetae. Ventrocaudal shield totally covered by a thick coating of adhered particles, unusually flexible; suture not visible (Fig. 6A ). Anterior margins apparently rounded (shape blocked by sediment cover); anterior depression deep; anterior keels not exposed. Ribs, concentric lines or fan not visible. Lateral margins rounded, expanded medially, lowered posteriorly. Fan truncate, barely reaching posterior corners. Other options not visible. Marginal chaetal fascicles include things like 0 lateral ones, and only three short, little posterior fascicles (other ones apparently broken), each with 3 Chebulagic acid cost chaetae concentrated near posterolateral edge of shield. Peg chaetae robust, stout in cross basal section, pale gold, emerge straight from a raised portion of shield, close to posterior margins (Fig. 6A ). Additional two couplets or triplets of fine brief capillary chaetae between peg chaetae and initially posterior shield chaetae fascicles. Branchiae few, extremely slender coiled filaments on two roughly parallel plates; longer, much more slender, straight filamentous papillae closer to anus. Etymology. The species name is derived after Dr. Gudmundur Gudmundsson, in the Iceland Natural History Museum in recognition of his longstanding help for our.

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