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Dation, E.S. and L.S.; information collection, K.W. and G.P. writing–original draft preparation, G.P. and K.W.; writing–review and editing, G.P. and K.W.; visualisation, K.W.; supervision E.S.; funding acquisition, G.P.; project administration, K.W. All authors have read and agreed to the published version on the manuscript. Funding: This analysis was funded by the NCBiR (the National Centre for Analysis and Development in Poland) as aspect in the Intelligent Improvement Operational Program 2014020, measure 4.1: Investigation and improvement Sub-measure four.1.2 “Regional science and study agendas” POIR.04.01.0200-0045/18, The title from the project is “Development and demonstration of robotic bricklaying and plastering system (ZSMT) for use within the construction industry”. Acknowledgments: We would prefer to thank Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. (Poland branch) as well as Universal Robots along with the distributor Elmark (S,R,S)-AHPC-amido-C5-acid supplier Automatyka S.A. for support in giving industrial robots and laboratory facilities. We would also like to thank the Energy Centre from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow for delivering laboratories and research gear, in certain the Electric Power Quality Laboratory Group, also as the Electric Power Good quality Laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Pc Science and Biomedical Engineering. Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.Coatings 2021, 11,14 ofAppendix A. Matrix of Process/Environmental Classes with Reference to Standard Energy Top quality DocumentsOccurrence Atmosphere Process Requirements/Operating Class Mode Needed operate stability in the course of action in which the robot is PX-12 custom synthesis installed (continuous operation without switching off the program) Specifications for Robotic Method Additional Gear Frequency Deviation in class 1 and 2 Voltage Dips U/Un Quantity Half-Cycles in class 1 1 half-period (50) Dips in 5 patterns at intervals (1000 ms, (0.two.five s, (0.five s, (1 s, (50 s Short Breaks in Power in class 1 no occurrence Classified on the basis of characterisation statistics, e.g., UNIPEDE Uneg/Upos Voltage Unbalance for Typical more than 10 min. in class 1 and 2 Flicker THD Average more than ten min. in class 1 5 Normative DocumentISeparated robot provide circuits Accessories that meet the requirements for class 1 disturbances in accordance with PN-EN 61000-2-4 Uninterrupted operation in monitoring energy parameters to recognize disturbances within the mains. Separated robot provide circuits Accessories that meet the specifications for class 1 disturbances in accordance with PN-EN 61000-2-4 Uninterrupted operation in monitoring energy parameters to determine disturbances within the mains. Equipment with 2nd class EMC resistance (PN-EN 61000-2-4 such as operation in disturbed environments) Functionality and gear compatible Monitoring of work parameters, including power provide circumstances Equipment with standard EMC resistance class (including work in disturbed environments, 3rd class of resistance PN-EN 610002-4) Functionality and gear compatibleBackup power supply and accessories inside the type of voltage conditioners for example: DVR, AVR, DySC, UPS on the net, Reduction of cross-emission inside the robotic environment Passive and active filters Backup energy supply and accessories in the type of voltage conditioners such as: DVR, AVR, DySC, UPS online, Reduction of cross-emission within the robotic environment Passive and active filtersPN-EN 61000-2- (typical for 10 s by 99.5 year), six 4 by one hundred of t.

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