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Nt-prone area, including the Prati di Tivo area. We discussed the stepwise approach to be followed to get a correct snow avalanche assessment by combining the spatial distribution from the snow avalanches plus the most important climatic functions on the study location. It was also crucial to examine the findings using the detailed geomorphological options from the Vallone della Giumenta to outline the function of climate extremization in the triggering from the avalanches. The combination of preliminary outcomes and thematic maps allowed us to superior characterize the study region from a morphometric, geomorphological, climatic, and nivological standpoint. In such a complicated and mass movement-prone location, it was essential to activate a threat mitigation protocol to develop land use policies and activities to define a substantial snow avalanche assessment. In line with the PIDAV project [99], the security solutions for ski resorts and facilities at Prati di Tivo had been updated by installing 12 Obellxgas exploders [109,134] to manage short-term avalanche dangers improved. The installation was realized in correspondence with all the major detachment regions at elevations ranging between 2100 and 2250 m a.s.l. Additionally, as a part of the increasingly a lot more frequent processes of climate extremization, on 246 March 2020, a heavy snowfall event affected the study region. It was acknowledged as a prevalently stormy snowfall, which brought 90 cm of fresh snow (with a density of 140 kg/m3) over the ski facilities located at Prati di Tivo at elevations of about 1400 m a.s.l. Provided the high snow accumulation rates, explosive pitches had been performed on 24 March right away soon after the beginning with the snowfall event and on March 26 through the key occasion, inducing moderate detachments of fresh, humid, and low-cohesion snow. Even when the preventive activity of Obellxgas exploders reasonably mitigated the snow dynamics, -Timolol In Vivo around the evening of 27 March, around four:20 a.m., two organic snow avalanche events occurred following new abundant snowfalls and impacted the northern 5-Ethynyl-2′-deoxyuridine medchemexpress escarpment on the Corno Piccolo ridge (Figure 16). A detailed field survey along with a specific internet site investigation have been also performed in the early morning of 28 March, due to a clear weather improvement. Thinking about the info gathered from this survey, it was feasible to produce many crucial deductions:Slightly downstream in the prominent peak (Corno Piccolo, 2655 m a.s.l.) at an elevation of about 2550 m a.s.l., a detachment location was visible, as graphically shown in Figure 16a. In addition, according to no official neighborhood chronicles and eyewitness reports, it seemed to correspond with the site of an avalanche never reported and stored in the Geodatabase from the Abruzzo Area. The whole avalanche path mainly affected the Vallone della Giumenta (for the site’s location, see Figure 13), with a clearly outlined detachment location at an elevation of 2300 m a.s.l. (Figure 16b). Significant snow accumulations generated by the snow mass releases made by the Obellxdevices around the 25th and 26th of March were visible throughout the escarpment.Land 2021, ten, 1176 Land 2021, ten, x FOR PEER REVIEW25 of 33 26 ofFigure 16. Photo documentation with the snowsnow avalanches of March 2020. (a) Proof with the summit detachment in the the Figure 16. Photo documentation on the avalanches of March 2020. (a) Evidence on the summit detachment area region at base base of Corno Piccolo having a clear surface slab and (b) simplified snow avalanche path (in red) affecting the Vallone d.

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