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By the Russian Foundation of Science (# 19-14-00110). Institutional Review Board Statement: Not applicable. Informed Consent Statement: Not applicable. Data Availability Statement: Not applicable. Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare that the study was conducted within the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that might be construed as a possible conflict of interest.
H OH OHmetabolitesArticleDynamics from the Metabolome of Aliinostoc sp. PMC 882.14 in Response to Light and Temperature VariationsDamien Le Moigne 1 , Justine Demay 1,two , Anita Reinhardt 2 , C ile Bernard 1 , Sandra Kim Tiam 1,three and Benjamin Marie 1, UMR7245 Mol ules de Communication et Adaptation des Micro-Organismes (MCAM) MNHN-CNRS, Mus m National d’Histoire Naturelle, CP 39, 12 Rue Buffon, CEDEX 05, F-75231 Paris, France; [email protected] (D.L.M.); [email protected] (J.D.); [email protected] (C.B.); sandra.FAUC 365 Autophagy [email protected] (S.K.T.) Thermes de Balaruc-Les-Bains, 1 Rue du Mont Saint-Clair BP 45, 34540 Balaruc-Les-Bains, France; [email protected] UMR5557 Laboratoire d’Ecologie Microbienne, Universitde Lyon, 43 bd du 11 novembre 1918, Villeurbanne, F-69622 Lyon, France Correspondence: [email protected]; Tel.: 33-1-4079-Citation: Le Moigne, D.; Demay, J.; Reinhardt, A.; Bernard, C.; Kim Tiam, S.; Marie, B. Dynamics of your Metabolome of Aliinostoc sp. PMC 882.14 in Response to Light and Temperature Variations. Metabolites 2021, 11, 745. 10.3390/metabo11110745 Academic Editor: Daniel Globisch Received: 23 August 2021 Accepted: 26 October 2021 Published: 29 OctoberAbstract: Cyanobacteria are microorganisms able to adapt to a wide selection of environmental circumstances and abiotic stresses. They make a big variety of metabolites which can take part in the dynamic adaptation of cyanobacteria to a selection of diverse light, temperature, and nutrient conditions. Studying the metabolite profile is 1 approach to fully grasp how the physiological status of cells is associated with their adaptive response. Within this study, we sought to know how the diversity and dynamics of the entire metabolome depended on the development phase and a variety of abiotic components such as light intensity and temperature. The cyanobacterium, Aliinostoc sp. PMC 882.14, was chosen for its substantial variety of biosynthetic gene clusters. One group of cells was grown below standard circumstances as a Olesoxime In Vivo manage, though other groups were grown under larger light or temperature. Metabolomes had been analyzed by mass spectrometry (qTOF-MS/MS) combined with untargeted evaluation to investigate metabolite dynamics, and considerable variation was identified between exponential and stationary phases, no matter culture situations. Inside the higher light group, the synthesis of quite a few metabolites, such as shinorine, was induced though other metabolites, like microviridins, were synthesized under higher temperature circumstances. Amongst extremely regulated metabolites, we observed the presence of mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs) and variants of somamides, microginins, and microviridins. This study demonstrated the importance of contemplating the physiological state of cyanobacteria for comparative worldwide metabolomics and research from the regulatory processes involved in production of particular metabolites. Our benefits also open up new perspectives on the use of organisms including cyanobacteria for the targeted production of bioactive metabolites. Keywords and phrases: cyanobacteria;.

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