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Of strict glycemic control, which has been extensively applied in critically ill sufferers. Speedy and precise glucose measurements are hence mandatory. Our aim was to evaluate the accuracy of two solutions of bedside point-of-care testing for glucose measurements working with arterial, capillary and venous blood samples in ICU individuals. Procedures A cross-sectional study with prospective information collection integrated 86 sufferers admitted to a 40-bed clinical-surgical ICU of a tertiary care hospital. Benefits from two distinctive procedures of glucose measurement were compared with central laboratoryFigure 1 (abstract P141)SAvailable on the web 2 (abstract P141)arterial) and on the Rapid-Lab 1265 Bayer (GO, arterial), and every single worth was compared with the reference laboratory outcome. Benefits A total of 262 matched analyses were carried out in 60 sufferers. Biases are defined because the glucose laboratory worth minus ACT-333679 point-ofcare value. The bias, 95 limits of agreement, and numbers of observed discrepancy (d) paired results >20 and >10 are reported in Table 1. Conclusions GO strategies underestimate although GD solutions overestimate all blood glucose levels as compared with plasma glucose levels measured by the reference strategy of hexokinase. Capillary solutions have wider 95 limits of agreement than measures carried out on arterial blood.P143 Continuous glucose monitoring for intensive care individuals working with whole blood microdialysisF Feichtner1, R Schaller1, A Fercher1, L Schaupp1, J Plank2, A Wutte2, M Ellmerer2, T Pieber2 1Joanneum Analysis GmbH, Graz, Austria; 2Medical University Graz, Austria Important Care 2007, 11(Suppl two):P143 (doi: 10.1186/cc5303) analysed using linear regression as well as the Bland ltman (BA) process. Outcomes Correlation in between the reference technique and both GM inside the overall BG range was reasonable, but not excellent (r2 0.93). This was additional underlined by BA evaluation (Figures 1 and 2), showing a bias to overestimate BG with GM. In the TGC range (80?ten mg/dl) correlation was low for each GM (r2 0.66). This was confirmed by BA analysis, demonstrating broad limits of agreement: +14.2 and ?6.6 mg/dl for Accu-Chek?and +5.5 and ?1.1 mg/dl for HemoCue? Conclusions The accuracy from the tested GM in our ICU sufferers was insufficient for protected clinical practice. Therefore, to prevent potentially damaging hypoglycaemia, caution is warranted when TGC is implemented exclusively determined by BG results obtained by GM. Introduction The objective of this study was to investigate whether or not continuous glucose monitoring for intensive care patients could be implemented employing blood microdialysis (MD) as tight glycaemic handle reduces mortality and morbidity of critically ill sufferers. Presently investigated is whether the subcutaneous tissue is an sufficient and representative site for glucose monitoring. We have developed and tested a novel method that PubMed ID: allows continuous measurement of glucose concentration in whole blood determined by MD. Procedures Na-heparin is pumped to the tip of a double lumen catheter as well as the blood eparin mixture is withdrawn constantly at a mixing ratio of 1:1 at a flow of 4 ml/hour. The blood eparin mixture is microdialysed inside a planar flow-through MD unit and is discarded thereafter. The dialysate is collected and analysed for glucose concentration via Beckman evaluation and referred to venous blood samples taken from the reference arm. Eight healthful volunteers underwent a 12-hour investigation including an OGTT. Glucose readings from.

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